Launching Your Self Storage Website to Page 1 Starts Here!

In today’s fast paced, technology driven world, advertising and gaining company awareness for small to mid-size self storage companies has become increasingly difficult as businesses continue to receive more and more online competition. Even if you are offering lower prices and better storage facilities than your competition, you may be losing potential tenants to those competitors who are advertising self storage online. While the printed business directories have been the industry standard in advertising for many years, whether its yellow pages, blue pages, or purple pages; advertising in these big books is becoming less effective – and more expensive.


So what is the best choice for a self storage company that is ready to ditch the coloring books, and get started with a proven method of self storage marketing that will increase tenant occupancy levels and provide the ROI that the phone books can’t? The answer is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Partner with a self storage marketing company that will get your business the exposure it needs to become a dominating force in the self storage industry.


Website Design Optimization

A properly designed website can make or break a self storage company’s online success. When a user reaches your site, the “landing page” that is first displayed can often be the determining factor for whether or not the prospective tenant stays on the site. If you have a high ranking domain in the first or second SERP (search engine results page) that receives a lot of traffic merely due to its rank, that traffic is near useless if it doesn’t lead to conversions to sales. With that said, an unattractive website can hinder your conversion rates when a user reaches site and leaves before even giving your business a chance because they are put off by the way the site looks. The key to web design for self storage SEO marketing is keeping your site smart and simple…

Paid Search Advertising (PPC)

With paid search advertising, you can purchase keyword activated advertising on Google and other search engines, content sites, and social networking sites. With this type of advertising, you agree to pay a predetermined amount each time a user clicks on your sponsored link or advertisement. The sponsored links are the ones that appear on the top and the right side of the SERPs, generally marked “sponsored links” in small print. The non-sponsored links are listed underneath them, directly under the local results map on Google. These are known as organic results, the most valuable type of links…

Content Writing and Blogging

You must keep in mind that you are optimizing your website for both users and search engines. Maintaining fresh, quality content is crucial in satisfying both of these entities. Quality site content allows you to prove your expertise in the self storage industry to users and potential tenants. By creating keyword rich content relating to self storage, the search engines will begin to see you as having high authority for search terms you wish to target relating to self storage in your region…

Brand Building

or small to mid-sized self storage companies, generating brand awareness is important for building your reputation and name recognition. Especially for small start-up businesses with future expansion plans, brand awareness is essential for becoming a nationally recognized company.